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The intent of this office is to complete all transactions in the least amount of time and with the minimum amount of inconvenience for clients. On the day a request for title work is received, the process to obtain a title search, legal documents, releases, payoff amounts, surveys, notification of necessary inspections, tax certificates, affidavits, and all other requirements necessary to close the "deal" begins. Systematic follow up by the staff properly assembles all information and documentation which results in the ability to close the majority of residential transactions in ten working days. (Closing time may be longer or shorter depending on the availability of necessary information.)

Sherrie's experiences in probate and family law have been invaluable in solving challenges which could have greatly delayed or possibly prevented the transaction from closing.

Example: Over thirty years ago, a couple thought they had purchased a home after they assumed an existing mortgage and eventually paid it off. When the couple retired and tried to sell the property, the title search disclosed that the title had never been transferred to the couple's name. When the couple took possession, the original owners left town, and no one knew where they had gone. Within a week, Sherrie located the owners living in another city; prepared a deed conveying the property to the couple; and completed the closing transaction — saving the couple from having to resort to litigation; experience months of delay; and possibly spend thousands of retirement dollars.

Many times successful closings are dependent on the willingness of the staff to literally go the extra mile.

Example: A divorced man could not qualify to purchase a home due to being liable for the note on the house awarded to his former wife in the divorce. The former wife claimed she could not find the time to refinance since she was starting a new business and refused to leave her store to handle "any unnecessary business". The closing was held at the former wife's business, and the man was able to purchase a home of his own.*

Some solutions are simple; some are much more complicated. Sometimes closing the transaction means going an extra mile — sometimes further. Whatever the solution, this office is committed to finding it.

*home equity loans must be closed in a title/attorney office. Charges for out of office closings vary depending on distance traveled

Law Offices of Sherrie R. Abney - Fee Attorney for Stewart Title Company

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